Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6/10 update

Sorry for being late on this update! My niece was born on June 3rd! I am so happy for my brother and SIL. "Pearl," as I will call her, is so precious. She was born full-term but is small and wears preemie clothes. From what I heard, she breastfeeds like a champ! It is hard being far apart at this time, but I hope someday soon I can go and see the happy family.

Lately I have just been studying a lot. Still no job yet. However, I have an interview coming up in 2 days, and then another one coming up in the following week. I really hope I can give these next interviews my ALL. I don't exactly mean to sound all "pity-me," but just about everyone on my clinical team has a job now.

I listened to the song While I'm Waiting this morning (circa 0300-0400) when I was having trouble getting back to sleep. I first heard it in the movie Fireproof. What a good song for this season of my life. I hope to have the patience as I wait for the Lord's perfect timing.

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