Monday, March 1, 2010

Frontier Update

I just called Frontier again to ask questions about the application process. This time I called the main office and they transferred me to the registrar. She was so nice!

Basically, last night I was (kinda) stressing out about when to apply to Frontier. Mostly wondering about the 1-year nursing experience requirement. I think I read one post on how they said to apply early, that some people got waitlisted for the class they wanted to enter.

I was thinking, would it hurt my chances to apply early when I didn't have that 1-year requirement? Or should I go ahead and apply anyway and maybe they would put me in the appropriate class? What if they turned my application down because I didn't have the 1-year requirement now? Would I have to re-apply? Do they mean I have to have 1-year experience at the time I apply or before I start Frontier Bound? Yeah, I worry too much.

My questions were answered today, though. :) The lady said that I could even apply NOW for the August Frontier Bound class (!!). So I guess it is that you need one year of nursing experience before you start the program. The deadline for the last August Frontier Bound class, however, is April 26th. I don't know if that is enough time for me to apply and get everything together! I still need to do my taxes. :P And request transcripts and get reference forms filled out.

(Btw, Frontier Bound is like an orientation before you start the program)

This changes some things for me. For one thing, I can start filling out my application now! But I think I will set my goal on meeting the July 5th deadline (for the November Frontier Bound class). I don't want to rush too much and try to cram everything in for the April 26th deadline - that is NEXT month. I need a little extra time. And this is even more incentive for me to finish the bulk of my doula course. I would really like to try and finish all of the manuals for that before too long.

Made my day to hear this! I am so relieved that my questions were answer and that I can start the application process sooner than I thought. :)

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