Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Triglyceride Levels

My triglycerides were elevated in October of 2011. They were 280, btw - yikes.

I went to see the doctor, and he recommended that I repeat the lab tests (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and Lipid Panel) in 1-2 months.

At that visit, I learned that triglycerides measure fat in the bloodstream on a short-term basis. You can actually change your triglyceride level based on what you eat in the days prior to the test. He told me not to eat (many) carbs, and I also told him how I eat sweet foods often. Yup, that was probably the culprit. Not things like candy and soda - but juice, yogurt, PB&J, granola.....

So I vowed to change some eating habits before the repeat test. I really cannot give up yogurt (but now I'm thinking of doing so), but I did give up juice (which I love). I also alternated between PB&J and hummus sandwiches. And I started to exercise again - not a really consistent routine, but perhaps I'll get there.

And wow, did that make a difference! I went in for the repeat test on January 24th. I found out the results yesterday. My triglyceride level was 134! What a relief! I guess whatever changes I made really did make a difference. My doctor said that if the level was still high on the repeat test, that I would have to come in for another visit, and we would talk about further options. But if it was normal, then I would not need to come in.

Lastly.....I'm having an issue with when I got my blood drawn. Okay, I've been poked with many needles in my adolescent years, so I am no stranger to needles. However, this one was different. When the phlebotomist withdrew the needle, I felt a really strong, achy kind of pain. Even as I was driving home, I still felt the pain. And I felt the pain throughout the day. I thought maybe she hit a nerve or muscle? But wouldn't it feel like pins and needles if she hit a nerve?

Now it's been a little over a week since the lab test, and I still feel an achy kind of pain in the left antecubital area (where she draw the blood) sometimes. I even notice it at night. It never left a bruise or swelling - just a little red dot where the needle went in. I have no idea what this is, but I'm just writing it out here for future reference.

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