Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Term 6 started on April 9th. I am taking Intrapartum Care I and Market Research. Market Research involves a huge paper (or so I've heard), and surveying a lot of people. I'm doing okay with the surveying so far but I'll need to start recruiting people off the street (joking).

Intrapartum is pretty cool. Except......Exam 1 = not cool. Did not pass.

Honestly, I'm a bit worried about the rest of the term. I'll need to get a perfect score on my case study and a 72 or higher to pass the class. Or if I don't get 100 on the case study, I'll need to get higher than 72 on the exam, etc.

A traditional "C" is a failure in my program, and I was a B / C student in college. You'd think I'd be used to my program's grading standards by now.


And what makes this even more saddening (is that a word?) is that long story short, I was JUST beginning to gain back my motivation to be a midwife again when this happened. :( Yes, I went through an internal struggle for a few months where I doubted every week if this was the right thing for me. Now I have some motivation back, and this happens.

I guess all I can say is that I will try my hardest, and we'll see.

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