Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In the middle of studying.....

I have decided to take a little break to post some thoughts. This is adapted from a message I sent to one of my friends I met in my nursing program (she is a new RN now):

"I would love to get into Mother/Baby or L&D right away, but I am trying to be realistic as well. I also would be willing to work on a gynecology floor, like the one I was on at __________ - in fact, some of my best med-surg days were on that floor. At least it's a women's floor, and I do like working with women. I just want whichever hospitals I'm applying to to be aware of how much I want to be in Mother/Baby and/or L&D - maybe an interview would help with that. I have a lot of passion for that area, it's more than just an "aww, I love little babies" sort of thing. I also want to work somewhere that somewhat supports my views of childbirth and other related views regarding pregnancy. I understand not everyone shares them, but I want to work somewhere that would at least be supportive of it and not against it."

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