Sunday, March 29, 2009

My SIL is 30 weeks along today! Wow, so in 2 months she will be full-term and could potentially deliver the baby. But I, of course, want my little niece to come when she is good and ready.

Sometimes at night, when I am praying for my niece, I try to imagine what she will look like. A part of me wants it to be June already, but I don't like wishing for time to go by fast because I want to live in the present and enjoy & appreciate each day. So I will wait patiently. I'm sure with the busy-ness of school, it may just fly by.

I just took a 265-question Kaplan practice exam for the NCLEX this afternoon. Now one more to take, and then from that point on, I will be doing practice questions frequently (I hope). I need to get better at my test-taking skills.

I better update my other blog and then get ready for bed. 7th day of preceptorship tomorrow. It's going alright, I feel like I am learning how to be a nurse. It takes a lot out of me though - physically and mentally. But it will be a good experience in the long run.

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