Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring break started

Spring break has started for me. Aside from not having classes and preceptorship, I will be busy working on school work, unfortunately. But that is a good thing, kind of, in that I will not be cramming during the last month of classes and will have more time for my birth doula course - which btw, I started a few weeks ago!! Yes I did. :)

Preceptorship is going fine. I worked 2 12-hour shifts in a row for the first time, and I did alright - but I really hope I do not have to do much more of those - they are super draining. I am quickly learning what nurses on a med-surg floor do during their shift. They are B-U-S-Y!!!! The floor I am working on has been busy every day that I've been there. My team coordinator said that my preceptor really prepares nursing students to go out into the world after graduation, and now I am starting to see that she is right. She tells me what I am supposed to do, and she lets me do it and expects me to do it. I have learned so much in just 48 hours of preceptorship so far.

I am going to get back to the paper that I am writing. Thanks for reading!

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