Friday, January 15, 2010

Grad School Thoughts & Plans

Today was not a bad day at work......yay.

I just wanted to write about something cool that happened yesterday. It's re: grad school - yay. I had emailed the admissions counselor at Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing (2nd time - first time was on Feb. 1, 2009 - yes, I saved that email).

She sent a nice reply, including a timeline of when would be a good time to apply. I called her back and got in touch with her. She gave me a little bit more information re: the application, reference letters, and recommendations on when to apply. She said I could apply for the November or December class. The deadline for the November class is July 5th, and the deadline for the December class is August 2nd.

The primary reason why I cannot apply now is that I must have 1 year of nursing experience. My one-year mark would be in August 2010. So I am thinking perhaps I will apply for the December class? Although the admissions counselor DID say I could even apply for the November class. I guess applying by July is close enough to the "one-year" mark. Kind of sounds like that is what she said.

I am so excited. It is a LONG ways away. However, I can use that time to finish up a good deal of my doula course and just enjoy not being a student.

I think I have been interested in midwifery for almost 6 years now. Because the moment when I took interest in midwifery was in April 2004 (I'm pretty sure it was), when I stopped by the booth at the student union at my was either a booth by the midwifery school or the local birth center. At any rate, I was a tiny bit hooked. And quite possibly, that was the moment when I thought hmm....should I really go into medicine.....because an MD cannot be a midwife. Certainly OBs can practice in a very holistic manner, similar to the midwifery model. But....yeah. I do not want to be a doctor anyway.

N-E-wayz.....I am a little tired, so that is my excuse for why some parts of this post sound weird. Just wanted to let you in on a little part of my life that I am looking forward to. :)

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