Friday, February 5, 2010

Promoting Normal Birth

In my doula course, there is a summary task that asks what I could do to promote normal birth. I was also asked to state the steps to go about doing this and possible barriers (and I did, in my workbook), but I am only going to list the things. Here are the 10 things I listed, and I added some things as well for clarification:

1) Tell the mother she has the right to speak up if she wants certain things not done. (By this I implied certain interventions)

2) Seek Facebook groups and blogs that are pro-natural birth.

3) Write about aspects of normal birth on my blog(s).

4) State that a cesarean birth is a major surgery (and explain the reasons for having one and possible risks).

5) Educate others about doulas - because studies show that having one decreased the occurrence of cesarean births and the need for pain meds.

6) State risks of using pain meds in labor. (I know some pain meds have more risks than others, depending on what stage of labor they are used)

7) Share alternatives for a mom who has a baby in breech position.

8) Educate people on episiotomies (reasons and risks).

9) Educate people on induction and why there is no reason to induce before 40-42 weeks (*UNLESS there is a legitimate medical reason to induce)

10) Educate expectant mothers and their partners about non-pharmacological methods of pain relief during labor (i.e., comfort measures during labor).

Feel free to share any comments you have. I am not quite an expert on this topic, so I welcome any education, opinions, and clarification on any of these statements. :)


  1. This is a good list. I'd add for myself that just behaving so that others know that natural birth is the obvious choice. Does that make sense?

  2. It sure does make sense! Thank you for your input, Jennifer. :)