Saturday, May 1, 2010

And now the wait

Yesterday I went to my mailbox at work, and my 3rd and last reference was sitting there, just as I had hoped (I had requested/reminded them to be returned to me by the end of April). I think that's a part of what got me through work yesterday and kept me in a somewhat better mood.

This morning after doing laundry and eating breakfast, I finalized everything and made sure I had everything together. Frontier provides a checklist for you so it's hard to forget things.

I went to the post office and did not have to wait long in line (shocker - this one is always quite crowded).

I had planned to use delivery confirmation, but I guess with the size of the package I was sending, it was not an option. So I did certified mail instead, which was $2.80 (vs. $0.80 for delivery confirmation). Was not a problem at all, though. I think if I had spread out the transcripts and reference form envelopes a bit in the envelope, it would not have been as thick, but I really don't mind. With certified mail, I can track my package online - so another thing for my peace of mind.

I left the post office around 9:44. Went to run some errands and then came home and made lunches for the work week (for next week).

So it is officially in the mail! It is a great feeling. It's out of my hands now (both literally and figuratively). So now I wait and pray and make the most of my time as a non-student.

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