Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Job Search

So there has been some changes in the last few days. The meeting with the DON was fine. Basically she asked what my goals were for the future. I mentioned applying to the nurse-midwifery program. She mentioned the incident that happened on the 17th. And then she mentioned how I did not seem to like it on the stroke floor. Which led to her saying that......I had an opportunity to resign.

There was a rep present at the meeting from HR, and they both said that perhaps an acute care environment was a bit too fast-paced for me right now. The DON suggested public health, like in a health department. She said they are looking for BSN-prepared nurses. I don't see any jobs posted that I would be interested in, though. Plus their job application site is down until July 20th because they are re-modeling it or whatever. Well that helps a lot.

The DON said to think about it over the weekend and call back on Monday. So I thought about it, a lot. But by Monday I just wasn't sure. So I called the DON and said I wanted to talk about it a little more, and she transferred me to my manager. What I understand is that if I had continued to stay at my job, I would have been terminated (i.e., fired). So it was clear what I had to do. I asked a few more questions and told her I would stop by in the afternoon to turn in my official resignation letter and my badge, keys, etc..

The resigning part was not bad. I know that I left on good, friendly terms with my manager and the co-workers that I said good-bye to. My co-workers are the best.....they are always on my side and were giving me suggestions on where to apply and what to do next. That is what I am going to miss about the stroke floor!!! :( But at least I got their numbers, so I can text them and keep in touch. I emptied my locker, which only had one black pen in it, haha.

Now the hard part is finding a job. I stopped by the OB-GYN office today and also the office run by CNMs, but the former only hires LPNs and medical assistants, and the latter said to try to reach HR at the corporate office. I stopped by the birth center after lunch, and they gladly took my resume, but that if a position opened up, I could work as a birth assistant. Which I would be totally fine with doing.

I just pray that the job search is not as crazily stressful as it was last year. The good thing this year is that I don't have a time limit.....but I would still like to be employed ASAP!

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