Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pre-Frontier Bound stuff

Since finishing the last book I was reading (Milk, Money, and Madness), I have finally been able to focus on doing stuff for Frontier Bound (orientation).

- I have finished Banyan Tree 101 <---- the orientation to all the online stuff that I will be using for my classes - I have registered for Frontier Bound & bought my plane ticket - I have paid the fees for FB and BT101 - I have completed most of the financial aid "stuff" I have also received my copy of Wide Neighborhoods in the mail. It is an autobiography of Mary Breckinridge, the founder of Frontier Nursing Service. I have read a few pages of the Foreword, and it is good so far. I learned that Mary Breckinridge's grandfather was John C. Breckinridge, who was the Vice President under James Buchanan (Breckinridge, 1952, p. xiv)! Isn't that so neat??


I watched a video of a breech homebirth not too long ago. It was so neat.

One of my hopes is that I will learn as much as I can in order to best serve the needs of women and infants. I really, truly hope that I can fill my head with as much knowledge about maternal and infant health as I can. There is just SO much to learn, and I need that confidence that I know and believe what I am talking about.

I am very confident that Frontier will prepare me to go out into the world and be the kind of health care provider God is calling me to be. I have heard from many students (in the online world) that Frontier really prepares you to go out into the world. That makes me feel great.

Breckinridge, M. (1952). Wide Neighborhoods: A story of the frontier nursing service. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky.


  1. As Guest Services Coordinator of Wendover, Historical Headquarters of Wendover, I will give your class a tour of Mrs. Breckinridge's Home, The Big House during your Frontier Bound Dinner at Wendover. There is a good YouTube video of historical buildings and artifacts of the FNS that a Local Artist made.

    Best wishes on your classes,
    Michael Claussen

  2. Very cool. You sound like the kind of health care provider that the world needs more of!