Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LLL meeting & Frontier Phone Session

I went to a LLL league meeting this morning. Had such a good time, as usual! Yes, I am a regular there. ;) I love talking about breastfeeding with other moms. Even though I haven't breastfed a baby myself, I feel like I know just as much as the average person. I can spout many benefits and hardly any negatives of breastfeeding. Seriously, the only negative I can think of breastfeeding is that it's challenging for some in the first few months due to issues that some moms deal with such as low supply, latch issues, inverted nipples, yeast infections, mastitis, clogged ducts, etc.. Okay, I know I listed a lot of "issues." But the numerous benefits far outweigh the "negatives."

Today I also had my phone session with Frontier! It was at 1:30. I made sure I was done with lunch well before that time and was watching the clock on my laptop. I got a call at about 1:35, and talked with the student services coordinator for about 5-10 minutes. The phone session was just what I expected it to be like. She explained what Frontier Bound was going to be like, asked if I had taken online classes before, and asked if I had completed BT 101 and registered for FB. She asked me how I planned to balance the studying with my lifestyle. I did have a few questions answered about the health form and the technology requirements. And that was about it!

I know a few of my classmates are taking Statistics right now. I hope that it gets better for you all!

Just think, though....almost a month left until Frontier Bound! :)

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