Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It has arrived!

My iPod Touch, that is!

FYI: Frontier requires their students to purchase either an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad. We will be using it for course content and clinicals.

I had been tracking it ever since I ordered it on Sunday. The estimated arrival date and time was October 15th around 4:30 I believe, but it arrived 2 days earlier than expected!

I was carefully tracking it from Kunshan (China) --> Shanghai (China) --> Anchorage (AK). It was in AK yesterday. Then, literally overnight, it was in my town! So this morning, I expected that it would arrive today.

This might make me sound really stalkerish, but oh well. I was sitting at my computer around 1:47ish, and I heard a truck "putting on its brakes" sort of noise. I was like, "Oooh, maybe this is it!" A few minutes later, I heard someone coming up the stairs, and I was getting ready to answer the door, haha. And then a few seconds after that, the FedEx employee was knocking on my door.

It is quite cute and delicate-looking. I need to get a case for it. I was already planning on buying one, though. The lady at the AT&T store last Saturday said that she sees a lot of iPhone customers come in with broken iPhones. I know the iPod Touch is also made of glass, so I will definitely be investing in a decent case.

Here it is as I opened the box.

Here is one view of it from the side.

Here is another view of it from the front, before I took it out of its case. The screen is a sticker, btw, but it looks just like that when you turn it on.

Holding it.

Wallace holding it for me. If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see some of my movie collection. ;)

I am now charging it. Cannot wait to use it and also buy some Apps for it!

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  1. I love my iPod touch too. It's the coolest little thing! :)