Friday, November 19, 2010

ACNM meeting

Yesterday I went to a meeting of my local ACNM chapter. This was the second chapter meeting I had attended. At the first meeting I went to, I had only applied to Frontier and was waiting to hear back. At yesterday's meeting, I was able to share the good news that I was starting classes in January! The midwives were enthusiastic when I mentioned that.

For anyone who is a CNEP student, I encourage you to find your local chapter of ACNM, join, and attend the meetings. Depending on the size of your chapter, you may be surrounded by CNM students, practicing CNMs, and retired CNMs.

Yesterday I was able to talk to a CNM who knew of great midwives in an area not too far from me. I think she said she used to practice there? She said they had been taking students for years and to consider them when it was time for me to search for preceptors. Made me feel so relieved! She even gave me her business card. What's really cool is that I had met her once at my nursing school (she is a faculty member), and I knew she was a CNM. So I kind of "knew" her. :)

The ACNM website is located here. I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong spot, but I am unable to find a link that would lead you to find an ACNM chapter in your area. So I would do an internet search and try these search words:

1) Your City + ACNM
2) Nearest major city + ACNM
3) Your State + ACNM

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