Friday, December 10, 2010

1 month left

I start classes in exactly ONE month.

I am taking Pathophysiology and History of Midwifery for my first term. I purchased my books yesterday, and I think my Patho book will arrive soon due to Amazon Prime benefits.

Btw, if you are a student, did you know that you can get Amazon Prime for a year - for free? As long as you can provide a school email address (ending in ".edu") and the name of your school, you are eligible. I signed up for it a few weeks ago and am loving the benefits. One of the perks is free two-day shipping. The free two-day shipping does have its limitations (i.e., isn't applicable to every purchase), but it does for most of the products I've purchased so far.

/end advertisement for Amazon Prime

Patho in undergrad was quite challenging. I remember there being SO much content in so little time. I had a pretty good, knowledgeable instructor for that class. He was an MD (doctor) who had worked in the emergency department. He didn't use Power Point like all the other instructors, and he talked very fast.

The best piece of advice I received for that class was to buy a voice recorder. I was so motivated that first semester that I would go home, listen to the recordings, and type out his lecture (tons of pausing/restarting). Sometimes I would try to do it word for word, haha. But that hard work paid off, and I got an A (!).

Even though I've been referring to myself as a student lately (seeing as though I have my student ID and am registered for classes), it will be 100% official on January 10, 2011.

As much as I'm looking forward to classes starting, I'm really trying not to take this month for granted. This may be my last month of free time for a long time. And esp. when I get a job (whenever that will be), I will have even less free time.

Yes, I am still actively searching for an RN position and have been for the past....half year, nearly. I have so much I could say about that (lots of venting), but I won't because I want this to be a happy post

Hope you are keeping warm, wherever you are. Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Pathophys was hard for me as well, and I also bought a voice recorder. It was a LIFESAVER and probably the main reason why I passed that class!

    I'm in a weird blend of being both super excited and wanting to relax more, but I think it's because I am still struggling with this darn Stats class! UGH

  2. I am totally stoked on your behalf! And now I know who bought the pathophys book on Amazon after clicking the link on my blog. Feel free to buy your books from my amazon link anytime!!!

    Oh, and I have Prime too and it really does rock!

  3. @Ginny: I'm sorry that Stats gave you such a hard time. =/ I saw that the semester ends this Friday, though - you're almost there!! Then you can relax and enjoy the rest of the month. :)

  4. Thanks! I ended up passing - phew! :)

  5. @Ginny: Congratulations - so happy for you!! :)