Friday, December 16, 2011


I am DONE with this term. So thankful to have passed both my classes. To re-cap, I took Pharmacology and Reproductive A&P. This week I have seen my classmates posting about being done with their 1st year of grad school - and then it hits me that wow, that applies to me too.

I refrained from posting about it on here until now, but....I've struggled a lot this term. This was the first time I had a full-time job with school. And it was hard. Now I know there are people out there who probably balance a lot more in their lives. BUT I'm not one to compare people's lives with my own. We all have our own issues - some of them overwhelming. =/

To be honest, I was very worried about not passing both of my classes. I even went through the school catalog to make sure I knew the policies of course failures. In my program, students are only allowed 2 course failures before they are dismissed from the program. And they hold us to high standards as well, only allowing for As and Bs (i.e., what would be considered a C in a regular university course is considered a failure at my school).

So I feel truly blessed and grateful that I passed. I have a nice 3 week break to look forward to. I plan to continue watching more movies and vegging out in front of the TV, as I have started to do already (my brain thanks me greatly for giving it a break - well, outside of my job, that is). I will also hopefully do some fun activities.

On my FB status I put that I was trying to "prevent burn-out," but I think it's too late. So I will also spend the break thinking of making some real adjustments in my life to help myself. If I keep going at this rate, I honestly don't think I will be able to function in my work and school duties successfully. As an upcoming 2nd year student, I'm sure school will get more challenging and time-consuming as well.

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas break. :)


  1. Enjoy your break --- it all starts up again in just 3 short weeks.

  2. A whole entire year down already! You can this!!!!!

  3. I spent a lot of time worrying and crying over pharm this term so I know how you feel. Congrats on getting through and enjoy your break!