Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter Term 2012 - Finished

I just submitted my course evaluation for Antepartum, so I am done with this term.

I have to say, cutting my hours at work made things more manageable. Not tremendously, but enough to let me have a little more sanity (maybe).

I will be retaking Antepartum, as I did not pass. Not a huge shocker there, as many students have had to retake this class.

Or maybe I am used to these sorts of setbacks, as I've been through several in the past 4 years (since I started nursing school). Ten specific instances, to be exact.

I'm not a straight A student, except for a few semesters scattered here and there in high school and undergrad. I am satisfied with being "average" in regards to school. But....being average is a bit risky in my program, as there is no such thing as a C. It's either an A, B, or fail.

Btw, I know people who are 4.0 students, and that is great they are so motivated to be such a student.

So I guess I'll have to step up my game a little.

There's more I could say, but I won't.

ETA: Oh yeah, I'm still waiting on a grade back from Community, so I guess I'm technically not in the clear for that class yet. Unless I get graded very harshly on the paper, I should be fine.


  1. I totally think that you are smart. I can tell by your writing, and I love your motivation. Congrats on being done. Antepartum will be a breeze the second time around! :)

    BTW, my hubby had to take calc III twice. Although, some of it (er most of it, lol) was due to us falling in love. And guess what, my husband's father failed the same class the first time around.

    I failed the driving test first time! :)

    1. Thank you, that is really kind of you to say. :) I sure hope it will be better the 2nd time!

  2. I also failed the first antepartum course. By a measly 1%. I retook it the next term, and rocked it with an A. You can do it!! That instructor is notorious for making super tricky questions on the exams. Do not fret. You will pass it the next time!

    1. I remember you writing about it on your blog - I actually went back a few days ago and looked for the post.

      Ugh, that stinks about that 1%. My final grade was a 77.71%. =P

      Thank you so much for the encouragement - it means a lot coming from someone who was in the same situation!