Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10th one's a charm :)

I have great news: I received (and accepted) a job offer with a hospital! It is amazing how the timing worked out. Here is how everything worked out:

July 27th: this was the day of my interview - 10th one's a charm.
July 28th: I got a call from my recruiter that the nurse manager on the unit that I interviewed wanted to offer me a position!
July 29th: I went apartment hunting and found one.
July 31st: I moved out of my old apartment. Received my "official" job offer (and accepted!), and got approved for my new apartment just as I was driving into the city.

Amazing. No coincidence.

I have a pre-employment physical tomorrow morning and will have to go in at least another time before orientation. Orientation starts on the 11th!

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