Friday, December 11, 2009

Life Update

I got an extended orientation in my job. :) But yesterday was actually my official last day of being with my preceptor. Starting next week, I "fly solo," in the words of my manager. I am thankful for my leaders at work who gave me all the time for orientation and having confidence in me.

Time is flying by very fast. There is never time to be bored in my life. I am still working on my doula certification. I have actually written over 50% of my Communication assignment. It still needs organization in the parts that I have written, and I need to finish up Part 5 and write a summary. I just keep putting it off. I really need to get in the writing mode when I do it. Sometimes when I work on it, I will take my laptop over to the other side of the room and write it while sitting in my comfy chair, disconnected from the internet. Therefore I have very few distractions.

Currently I'm in that afternoon slump from lunch. Ugh, and it's a little past 1700, I should have been over this slump by now. Oh yeah...but I did eat lunch around 1315 today, so I guess that makes sense that the slump is still here. :P

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