Monday, January 31, 2011

Encouragement in the mail

When I was at orientation for grad school (Frontier Bound), one of the activities our faculty had us do was write postcards to each other. These would be sent out sometime during our first term. We chose a postcard from a selection of really neat black & white photos of our school's history. We addressed those postcards, they were placed face down, and each of us chose one (like choosing a card from a deck for a magic trick).

I remember writing a kind of long and encouraging message to one of my classmates. There is only so much you can fit on a postcard! :)

Well, me and several of my classmates have started to receive our postcards in the mail. It really put a smile on my face to read the message written to me from my fellow classmate in my color group (we were further divided into smaller groups at orientation, based on where we lived geographically - the names of our groups were different colors, hence "color groups").

The message in the postcard was so encouraging and FITTING for me! Me and this fellow classmate talked a few times throughout our orientation, and one time I briefly got to share with her one of the populations I wanted to work with when I started my midwifery career (i.e., teenage/adolescent girls). She mentioned that in my postcard and just gave very sweet, encouraging words. 

I will keep this postcard in front of me for motivation. Hopefully it won't get buried under the growing clutter on my desk!


  1. I'm glad that you got such as sweet card! We need great providers to take care of adolescents, and I know that you are going to be wonderful. Your experience will really serve as a reminder of why you have chosen to pursue your dream!

    My card came at near the end for me at the point where I knew that Frontier wasn't going to be good fit for me, unfortunately. I felt very disliked. I wish that things would have worked out for me a little better; now I'm really taking the long road toward working with women. Hopefully, I'll get to where you are at eventually!

  2. Thank you so much. :)

    I know you'll get there and be a wonderful health care provider!!

  3. My card also came at a great time. Patho is getting tough, drowning in midwifery articles...

    Then, BAM! Blessing in the mail.

    I also keep mine at my desk to look at whenever I get discouraged.