Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This afternoon I registered for spring term classes, which start on April 4th. Note: we don't have semesters in our program - instead we have four 12-week (generally - this term we have 11 weeks) terms per calendar year. Registration was very simple. All I had to do was make an appointment with my advisor, who gave me the green light to register for classes online.

Next term I am taking Nursing Theory and Decision Making.
I am now in Week 7 of classes. They are going alright. In my midwifery class, all I have left is to write a paper and attend a workshop later this year. In my patho class, I have some more exams to take and write a reflection paper at the end.

I'm just terribly unmotivated, however. Thank goodness I wrote some of my paper already because these past few weeks (with the exception of one day) have been hard. I just haven't been wanting to do much. 

It doesn't help at all that I've been dealing with unemployment and all the circumstances surrounding that - and believe me, there's more to it than just not having a FT job. I've had at least 2 emotional breakdowns over it.

I know getting a job isn't going to magically make me happy again. I know there will be a lot of stress with any nursing job. So for the time being, I will have to somehow keep doing my schoolwork and make time to do fun things for myself (within reason).

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