Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 9 Update

I never wrote about how my midwifery presentation went. It went well. I presented to some mothers after a LLL meeting at the beginning of last month. Afterwards, the leader told me that I was a good public speaker. That was very uplifting to hear.

I honestly didn't feel nervous, but that's probably because I've been attending the LLL meetings for over a year now, and I knew some of the people in the audience. Like I always say (to myself, I guess) I like public speaking, as long as I have notes to help me.

I'm in Week 9 of 11 of school, and things are going smoothly. I have two Patho exams left to take, an ending reflection paper to write in Patho, and I hear we have course evaluations to do at the end of our classes. Re: the paper I was struggling with in my last post - I submitted it 5 days after that post. I must have gotten a burst of motivation or something and decided to JUST DO IT. It wasn't easy. I had to do it little by little. I just can't work on things for long stretches at a time. I take so many breaks. I am a big procrastinator, but I do get my work done.

I have a lot more books to buy for next term than I did for this current term. The good news is that there is one book I don't have to buy, and that is Physical Exam & Health Assessment by Jarvis. This is a book that I actually kept from nursing school because I thought it would come in handy in the future. And it will. :)


  1. Congratulations on your paper and your presentation!

  2. Thank you, Lisa - it is such a relief to have them done!