Friday, April 1, 2011


There is a scholarship opportunity for nurse-midwifery students in my state, and I applied for it. Just dropped it in the mailbox this morning, in fact. :)

The scholarship application itself was very straightforward and it involved writing an essay about how I would use my future career to further the nurse-midwifery career in my state or how I will affect maternal-child health issues in a positive way.

I - of course - mentioned the desire to work with teens/younger mothers.

I've been wanting to include this in a post for some time. Here is an excerpt from my diary, dated June 9, 2004 (yes, you are quite privileged to be allowed to read such personal content!):

So many times I wish I were just a Psych major and nothing else - how much pressure would be gone. Like I said, *SIGH*. What to do? As I wrote on my webpage, I started a book called You Look Too Young To Be a Mom: Teen Mothers Speak Out on Love, Learning, and Success. As I started it, I had a burning desire to help pregnant teens. To work in a special home for pregnant teens. Btw, I finished the book less than an hour ago. It was great. I know what my interests are, but I can't seem to put them together into a career. I have several options, but I can only choose one. I'll see what happens.

I didn't really go into detail about this topic, but this is proof that the desire to help teens started almost seven years ago. Not sure how it would work as a CNM, but I would still welcome the idea of working in a special home for pregnant teens. :)

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