Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good News :)

I received a job offer (for a RN position) on the 16th - and accepted (um, of course!). I will be working on a PCU-type of floor.

Last week was CRAZY, to say the least. In addition to the job offer, I also received an invitation as a camp nurse and scheduled two interviews for two different hospitals (within the same system). I had to call the following day to cancel all those things. Hard to do, but necessary and courteous.

I have since been very busy doing all the necessary "stuff" in preparation for the new position.

I am grateful that someone gave me a chance after 10 months of being out of a nursing job.

Thank You, Jesus.


  1. I'm so excited for you! (What exactly is a PCU floor?)

    Congratulations on the job.

  2. @Lisa: Thank you! PCU stands for progressive care unit - it's not exactly a medical/surgical floor but not quite an intensive care unit - somewhere in between. :)

  3. Congratulations. Nursing is a very competitive field and the PCU floor sounds like a nice fit. I know many people are having a tough time out there looking for work, you're very lucky!

  4. Just looked for your e-mail, sorry to post again. I am interested in interviewing you for my site. Please e-mail me at viola.gracie@gmail.com for more info. Thanks!

  5. @Gracie Viola: Thank you! I'll email you. :)