Friday, May 27, 2011

Recent ACNM meeting / Finished a Class

Last week I attended the ACNM meeting of my local chapter. As usual, it was a good meeting and meal. :) Before the meeting started, I had a couple of the CNMs come up to me and say hello.

Afterwards a daughter of a CNM came up to me to ask me questions related to nursing school. I also got to meet one of my classmates!! We had met online, but it was neat to finally meet in person! I also got to talk to some CNMs about finding preceptors and such, for when I start clinicals (in 2013). 

Clinicals are still a long way off, but the common tip I have heard from CNMs and students alike is to start searching EARLY! Oftentimes CNMs and nurse practitioners (NPs) will be booked for a while with many students wanting to request them as a preceptor.

What I love about this particular local chapter is that they are so willing to help you on your nurse-midwifery journey. There is a lot of networking that goes on within the ACNM chapter.


I finished my Physical Assessment class this morning - YES! Now I can focus on my other class, the Theory one. I have two more assignments left in that class, and both are group work assignments. I get the impression that many students don't like group work, but thankfully I have had a really great group for my Theory class. :)

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