Sunday, June 26, 2011

Done with spring term / Crazy Busy Week

(This is a post that I've been meaning to write for a while now)

I finished all the work for my classes on the 11th.  The term officially ended two days ago, but my last assignment was due on the 19th - glad I got all that done earlier because I have been quite busy these last few weeks.

The week of the 12th through the 18th was particularly a Crazy Busy Week.  I started orientation for my new job, and that was on M/T/W.  Then on Thursday morning, I headed to Pennsylvania for the "How To Start a Birth Center" workshop, held by the American Association of Birth Centers.

The workshop was quite good.  It was a lot of information packed into 2 days. This workshop was required of the CNM students at my school, and it provided a ton of information to assist us should we ever work in a birth center or open up a birth center one day.  Some of the topics mentioned were an overview of birth centers, marketing, finances, organization, staffing, etc. about birth centers.

It was great to see many of my classmates and even meet a few new ones as well. The hotel was fabulous. And I enjoyed my first rental car experience.

I won't go into details about all the flight delays and such, but that Thursday (16th), the day I arrived in PA, was a LONG day. Thankfully the flight back home was uneventful.

Since I missed the last two days of work orientation, I will have to finish that in July.

Now I am totally enjoying the break from school and packing up my things. I have also finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and am highly anticipating DH Part 2, which comes out in theatres on July 15th!

Hope everyone is having a good summer - can't believe the month of July is approaching on Friday!

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