Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Day of Summer Term

Today was the first day of summer term.  I am taking Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and Research.

Even though I had almost a month of time off of school, I don't quite feel ready to start up again.  I'm sure I will get there, though.  I'm usually a bit slow to get started in the first week.  At least I have checked into both of my classes and have made a decision on which book to read for my cultural desire essay.

I'm also in the midst of getting ready to change residences, so it's been a bit busy.

I had a very fun 4th of July.  I spent the day at my friend's parents' house for a BBQ.  Had a great time catching up with my friend, seeing her family, and meeting her relatives - a fun bunch!  The highlight of the afternoon was doing karaoke.  So much fun!  I sang a lot and had a blast.

Lastly.....ten days until a certain epic movie hits theatres. ;)