Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am currently in Week 9 of summer term.  This term is a total of 11 weeks, so I am pretty close to being done!

I only have one assignment left for Health Promotion and one assignment left for Research.  So looking forward to being done with this term.

As far as work goes, I'm going to be cautious and say my job is going okay.  I had a pretty rough night on August 19th, from my own standpoint.  To the average med-surg nurse it may have been slightly crazy, but for me it was overwhelming.  I just strongly dislike getting behind and when things get in the way of my agenda - but oh well, I'm going to have to accept that.  Unfortunately, unpredictability is the norm in nursing.

On a side note - I didn't even mention it on that day, but August 19, 2010 was the day I found out I got into grad school. :)

But overall, I am liking night shift better than day shift.  I actually get a little more time to physically sit down.  I get to fill in bits of information about my patient that I didn't know before.  I have time to look up test results.  I have time to LEARN to be a nurse.  Well, most days.

My body is adjusting to night shift.  I don't get terribly drowsy on the way home anymore.  I have no problem staying up late.  I am even sleeping slightly longer hours during the day.  I think I may be able to keep working nights, at least until I graduate.

There are two nursery positions and one L&D position open at my hospital.  I hope that those openings remain there 2 months from now - or at least, more nursery/NICU/postpartum/L&D positions will be added later this fall.

Yes, I am thankful for my job and am learning a lot.  However, I do want to get into OB as soon as my work place will allow (December 13th is exactly 6 months from my start date, should I decide to do an internal transfer).  I'm afraid that my lack of any kind of OB experience will not be beneficial to me when I am trying to find a job as a CNM.  I have heard that some (maybe even many) CNM positions require L&D experience.  Plus, add to the fact that I have REALLY been wanting to get into OB ever since I was in nursing school.  We'll see what happens.  I really hope I can stick it out for another 2 months on PCU.

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