Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pretty much done with Summer Term

Last night (or early early this morning), I turned in my LAST assignment for this term.  Now all I have to do is fill out course evaluations, which are a piece of cake compared to the work I had to do this term.

I am so, so relieved to be done.  I almost feel guilty at times, when I'm just surfing the 'net because I feel like I should be doing school work.  I felt so unmotivated this term.  I mean, I had to move residences AND start a new job in the midst of it, so that is probably why.  Do not want to re-live this term again.

It will be SO nice to not have to do any studying for the next (almost) 2 weeks.  I do have a few fun things planned for my break.  However, I still have to work. =/ But.....not the whole 2 weeks.  I put in for time off for the last week in September and got it off (YES!!!).

Work: Things are going okay, I guess.  Still same old, same old.  Had a crazy night on the 8th.  It seemed like something (out of the norm) happened with every patient I had.  Every night cannot be like this.  But thankfully not every night is.  But even on the good nights, I still find myself longing for something better.

I even applied for the 2 nursery positions I mentioned in my previous post.  I'm fairly sure they will deny my application, but I felt the worst they could say is no, and the best that could happen is that HR and my current manager would make an exception for me and let me transfer earlier than policy allowed.  Hey, I might as well try because sometimes there are exceptions to rules, right?

In the very likely event that I do not get to transfer, I will just hope that I can learn a lot where I am, learn to deal with the stress better, learn to deal with unsafe conditions as much as I can, and do the right thing.  That last thing is something that I have had to struggle with - a lot more now than I did in my last job.  I need to trust my own instincts.  I am afraid to go into much detail (this is an open blog, anyway), but if inquiring minds want to know, I'd be willing to talk about it more in an email.

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